Rugged Military Computers & COTS Hardware Solutions

Small Form Factor - Rugged Embedded Computers

Trident has more than a decade of experience in designing Size, Weight, Power, and Cost (SWaP-C) optimized small form-factor (SFF) embedded systems for military applications with stringent MIL-STD requirements for ground-based, avionic, vetronic, and other extreme rugged applications.

Our Rugged small-form-factor embedded computer family of products is designed for the harsh environments of the military, aerospace, and heavy industries. They address the challenging need for many space-constrained applications in unmanned autonomous vehicles that are extensively used in the military, civil defense, agricultural, scientific, and other industries.

While our SFF embedded computers are small in size, they are mighty. Trident’s SFF systems are equipped with intelligent features promising higher levels of performance. They are tested to withstand the extreme shock, vibration, humidity, and temperature that aerospace and defense electronics systems are commonly subjected to.

Falcon II Small Form Computer


Hybrid COTS Computer
Raptor VNX VITA-74 Rugged COTS


VNX (VITA 74 & 90) COTS Computer
Lanius TX - NVIDIA® Tegra X1/X2


Micro Embedded Computer
The Magpie is a rugged small form factor (SFF) computer system


Configurable Micro Embedded Computer
Osprey Open VPX


VPX Systems
Osprey Open VPX

Willet - I

SFF System with Intel CPU + GP-GPU
Osprey Open VPX

Willet - N

SFF System with Nvidia Xavier
Netspyder CA

Netspyder CA

CISCO Powered Ultra-small managed layer 2/3 SFF Ethernet switch
Netspyder ND

Netspyder ND

Nano - Managed Layer 2/3 SFF Ethernet Switch