Small Form Factor (SFF) Rugged Computers


Avionics & Aerospace

Complete Solutions for Onboard Avionics and Aerospace application


Land / Mobile Shelter

Deployable solutions for ground station, sheltered and mobile systems



Providing solutions for marine and offshore application


Trident’s rugged small form factor (SFF) commercially off the shelf (COTS) embedded computer is designed for harsh environments of military, aerospace and heavy industries and addresses the challenging need for many space constrained applications in avionics, aerospace and defense industries. Utilizing our extensive experience in embedded computing systems and electronics enclosures we provide the best solution for customers looking for SWaPc solution.

We have a series of fully-loaded Rugged Small Form-Factor (SFF) COTS Embedded computers based on 3U VPX called Osprey, hybrid Small Form Factor (SFF) computer called Falcon, VNX (VITA-74) based computer called Raptor and ultra-small form factor (USFF) computer called Lanius. We adhere to all the relevant military grade form-factors such as VPX, COMe as well as the latest SFF standard VITA-74 also termed as VNX.


Recognizing the technological and economic challenges faced by the customers in today’s competitive market place, we offer range of products, solutions and system integration services for various applications meeting demanding environmental conditions.

We understand and address the challenges faced by aerospace and defense engineers working on myriad mission - and safety-critical projects, developing many space-constrained applications that are extensively used in the 21st century defense such as Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles UAV’s, Combat Vehicles, Helicopters, Modern Aircrafts to name a few. Our small form-factor (SFF) embedded computers family (Osprey, Falcon, Raptor, Lanius) are;

  • Designed for demanding applications
  • Pre-configured & pre-tested systems in short turnaround time
  • Engineered to meet the evolving requirements for smaller, lighter, and more powerful embedded system
  • Meeting SWaPc Requirement
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